Xcom 2 PC Controller Support

We have been waiting for quite a long time. However, XCOM 2 PC controller support is now enabled. Thefavor of the newest patch – patch 7 – the futurism motivated turn-based strategy video game now provides for Xbox One as well as Xbox 360 controllers as basic – while optional controllers might ask for “added user modifications” to perform.

xcom 2 pc controller

Before the launching of XCOM 2 on PC at the beginning of the year, Firaxis – the developer of this game told us that providing gamepads on PC was not a first concern for the whole team. However, you could work with the Steam Controller, yet definitely supply for Xbox 360 and Xbox One pads, which carry up the colossal majority of controllers worked with on PC, was not in the case. Currently that all players gained a nice console version, Firaxis has come back and put more suitable, official Xbox One and Xbox 360 controller provider. Furthermore, there is one other great factor enabled when working with a controller that lets players go around the ship of the Avenger in the first-person view. In case that you take look at the XCOM 2 PC controller news, you will be able to see that you have full handle over the movement. The developer also explained exactly how players are able to switch this view on in a late blog spot.

xcom 2 pc controller 1

XCOM 2 PC controller support, as well as the latest video form, were put in a patch. This new upcoming patch also repaired a couple of small remaining errors. You are able to see the rest of the changes for seventh patch below. After launching for a couple of months, the developers of this game are happily announced that they finally can bring up the official controller provider on PC. Moreover, it arrives together with a minor something added.

A recent update posted on the official website of XCOM 2 said that the team has done very hard work adjust the interface, particularly for controllers so that it supports a new level of convenience and approachability that their players hope. The following items list the new updates of patch 7 obviously:

Traditional XCOM 2 PC controller (non-Steam Controller) support added. The team at the same time repair the configurations and upk file problems that stop full conversion modes from being available on the Steam. The third thing is, workshop opened and they also permit mods to gain Bink files. the “Ruler Reaction” announcement will be in sight after a unit burns at the Archon King during the time he is working with Icarus Drop during attacks in Alien Hunters. Medikits now is not able to heal SPARKS from this patch on. Several extra minor bug fixes are done, too.

xcom 2 pc controller 2

The same to last games in the series, XCOM 2 performs the player as the commander of the eponym army system, currently decreased to an endurance force fighting against the continuing unidentified alien habitation of the location. Players take the handling of the Avenger, the latest automobile base for XCOM. Players are requested to bring commands to team members in combat against enemies during quests.

xcom 2 pc controller 4

At the same time, giving orders to the engineers and research group of the base amongst quests to make and investigate enhanced and new gadgets, weapons together with technics to support players in combat. You are able to collect soldiers, with every soldier type having their own skill trees as well as special abilities. For example, the Grenadier soldier type can get direction to bombs and grenade launchers, while the Ranger is set up with melee stuff like swords and knives. Weapons and armor are able to be studied and improved by the players in the mobile base Avenger. Every quest’s environment is affected by the world’s situation, while maps are firmly-prompted to make a broad difference of levels, in which each map highlights various terrain and constructions in every play-through.