Upcoming on PC: Games Similar to XCOM

In case that you are searching for free games like XCOM and they must be available on PC, congratulations! XCOM is currently its own way since writer Julian Gollop detailed on this official website late the previous year. Isn’t this a good news? Turn-based strategy video sci-fi games have grown astonishingly huge. In additions, it is not only taking place on PC – it’s clear in the XCOM – like Mario + Rabbids on the Switch, plus in the Fire Emblem sequence. On PC, there are plenty of various video games releasing in the XCOM/X-COM vein, containing one from Mr. Julian himself. Discover them in the following article.

Phantom Doctrine

Phantom Doctrine is one of the XCOM like games. It is amazing to witness the XCOM structure bestowed on various themes. The video game Phantom Doctrine is arranged during an optional history Cold War, with KGB as well as CIA stories to pick out from. You will control a couterintelligence office, and you are able to brainwash, examine and chemically improve your stuff in order to fight a worldwide plot that is standardly taking actions in the Cold War.

games similar to xcom

You are offered the choices to play in a way of a thief with quiet weapons and no sound takedowns or be loud about how you control. Manage a hiding place in which, amongst other things like attaching proofs to a plot corkboard, you are able to change your office’s identities in case that they are in danger. Can find here plenty of ongoing things in Phantom Doctrine. In addition, defeating them will approximately take a continuous 60 hours. However, this combination here is irresistible.

Some lucky players have played Phantom Doctrine in June, then fell in love with the preceding corkboard. However, when the acts start, that is when it recalled them more of XCOM. This game will be out in around August.


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Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

We have to mention Warhammer when we talk about games similar to XCOM. This game plugs so simply into the XCOM script that it’s complicating there no more. This game is expected to be one of the first video games to do the license rights. It’s soon days. However, you will reach to attack Necrons – an exciting selection of enemy.

free games like xcom

The Adeptus Mechanicus are transperson constructers and adorers of the mechanic god. They use the Space Marines, creating their armor together with controlling their colossal Titan walkers. However, they are an amusing attacking force in their own right. Their trend to enhance the arms with demo weapons might be extremely interesting in an XCOM-style expedition. Hard determinations are committed, and optional endings and a story written by Warhammer Black Library writer Ben Counter.

Gears Tactics

Created by long-time Gears of War co-workers Splash Damage, this PC-unique spin-off is a huge astonishment from Microsoft’s 2018 E3 meeting. The Coalition’s Rod Fergusson talked on it as their carry on the classical turn-based strategy type, plus a character-driven adventure, quicker, more colossal gameplay, a modifiable team and gears. It will at the same time highlight large boss combats, in the genre of Equipments. All future players to witness how good this galaxy translates to turn-based video games. However, that is quiet all we know until now and it is considered one of the XCOM like games.

xcom like games

Xenonauts 2

We adore the earliest Xenonauts for being near to the former X-COM calculation but also constructing its very own coverings on top of that, containing more adaptability for unit modification. Years later, Xenonauts 2 is a much-better-looking follow-up that possesses a pre-alpha fight demo on GOG universe. It went over its beginning goal of 50,000 pounds in only 12 hours.

In this game, once again the Cold War is mentioned and it seemed to not ever really stopped. Players have to reconstruct their team from wreckages. It is not a description sequel to the earliest one, rather an enhanced portrayal of the same occurrence, according to the team. The Geospace has been widened from the basis. Plus, Goldhawk Interactive calls this a game “detachedly motivated” by original XCOM and not a straight mimic like the previous game was. Some backers will achieve direct to a closed beta. This version may come out in September. Plus, the game will be released in Early Access before a full publicity.

games similar to xcom