Best PlayStation 4 Sports Games in 2018

You’re going to the store to buy the best PlayStation 4 Sports Games, or you’re home and realize you want new games to play. But, your BIG problem is that you don’t know which the best one is in this year when seeing dozens on the shelves.

That’s why we are here to help you make a right decision. Take a look at a list below and you will find out now!

5 best PlayStation 4 sports games you should buy instantly

Madden NFL ‘18


Since people love playing football, there is no reason you miss Madden NFL ‘18 at this time.

It’s known as an incredible product available on the gaming market since it highlights the latest upgrades and provides a user-friendly interface for extra convenience. Moreover, it boasts a collection of real characters and images on the football ground.

One of the coolest new addition to this game is all about “Draft Champions,” in which you are requested to perform a fantasy style or hasty draft of players from the past and present teams in order to create a new BIG one. Even, you can take your team through a level of increasingly tricky competitors.

NBA 2K18


When it comes to NBA, it’s sure you’re going to see an exciting basketball game. And NBA 2K18 is described as another BIG guy in the manufacturer of PlayStation 4 sports games. It boasts the latest technology and assures extra features for better results.

One of the most fantastic parts of this game is that each player has his/her own unique strengths and weaknesses. Relying on that, you might determine who is confident at defense or the foul line or who can dribble fast.

What we enjoy is all about hard work and dedication that we need to do to master the #1 best-selling sports game. Of course, its gameplay gives you a real feeling like you’re playing the real NBA game from dripping sweats to awesome expressions from fans and everything you often see on TVs.

EA Sports UFC 2

One of the best PlayStation 4 sports games that we deeply suggest is EA Sports UFC 2. Right after entering it, you will get the same experience of watching a true UFC fight. That’s why this game is considered the most realistic PS4 fighting game.

Start creating your character and face-to-face your chosen opponent like Conor McGregor or Ronda Rousey.

This fighting game is designed with an authentic knock physics system that finds hit reactions and transfers realistic KOs. Besides, it’s developed to be reactive to pick up and respond to different strikes and grappling.

Plus, a dodge and slip system allows you full control and a sense of freedom your character. When facing off with any opponents, just work on various defense styles to parry, block, and counterattack effectively.

MLB ‘18 The Show

If your life depends on how you hit a fastball, you will soon recognize that mashing buttons on MLB ‘18 The Show is much more comfortable.

This latest installment covers all of the leading players, excellent graphics, and smooth gameplay as you expect from the best baseball game. Even, it regulates the drawbacks of its 2017 predecessor by showing correct hitting movements from the league’s best players.

What we love MLB ‘18 The Show is its new story mode, increased hit variation, and improved animation. Moreover, creating your own character is fun since there are lots of customization options.

NHL ‘18

You love playing fast-paced gameplay, like a hockey game, don’t you? So, you should consider buying NHL ’18 instantly.

What makes us impress is how fluid the controls are and how realistic the game indeed is. That’s why this game is ideal for new or casual players, and even hardcore hockey fans.

NHL ‘18 is incredibly deep regarding variety, permitting you to manage a whole team, just as a player or the GM. Besides, you have to deal with the business of hockey including negotiations and salaries.

Another interesting thing is that this game offers a fantasy-sports simulation, the Hockey Ultimate Team, in which you can gather cards of real-life athletes and create teams to play online. Even you might develop leagues of imaginary teams to play.


All in all, when searching for the best PlayStation 4 Sports Games, you need to know which sports you truly like to play. Relying on that, you can buy the best one as you want.

Now, do you have any name in your mind? If yes, BUY it and enjoy instantly. And don’t forget to share your feeling afterward. We’re burning to see your sharing ideas.