Basket and Ball Unblocked

It’s time to check out Basket and Ball Unblocked, a free arcade game with a lot of jumping, flying around, dribbling, explodingand popping.

The primary objective is to control a ball into a basket by going through all obstacles and solving requested puzzles. Another interesting thing in this game is that both ball and basket are alive and they often express their emotion via meme faces.

What do you know about Basket and Ball Unblocked?

It’s a 2D side-scroller game, and all actions happen on a basketball court. In addition, some spikes, trampolines, fire and water pools, and springs are placed across the court, making the objective to score the basket more challenging. As a plus, you should watch out flying police robots since they can shoot Taser.

With 50 levels, each offers different challenges so that you need to try your best to overcome all. Especially, don’t forget to collect enough THREE BONUS STARS which are set in hard-to-reach places. If you do well, these stars will increase your position on the leaderboard.

Remember that Basket and Ball Unblocked provides 3 shots so that you can hit at least one score. Before guiding the ball, you need to determine the direction and power of the launch and then shoot (it sounds like playing Angry Birds). Another fantastic thing that you should not miss is to acquire enough 22 achievements for the Game Center.


  • Move left and right: left and right arrow keys
  • Launch or bounce the ball down: Spacebar
  • Use time bonus: Enter

Things to consider while playing

A criticalthingthat you need to keep in mind while playing is reserved jumping. It means when tapping on the jump button, the ball will go down. So, if it happens, it’s best to dribble the ball surrounding.

In case you grab a star along the way and reach it to the basket successfully, you only get 1 star at the end of the level. But, if you catch enough 3 stars during the shooting challenging, you will acquire a victory instantly.

And please notice the jump button when playing on your smartphone or tablet since it’s often set at a vertical position to make playing more convenient.

Final words

As outlined above, Basket and Ball Unblocked is known as a type of arcade game. Hence, you should make your own strategy in order to show your best ability and then complete all the levels excellently. Moreover, collecting more and more stars in every level makes you stand out in the leaderboard.

Time to challenge your throwing aim to deal with puzzles and physics to win this game such as pumping the ball to jump higher and higher, changing the gravity to access impossible places, etc. Always bear in mind to avoid fire traps, robotic cops, jump over spikes as well as performing tons of other fun things.

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No time for hesitating! Let’s go!