Vermintide 2 Tome Locations and How to Find Them

vermintide 2 tome locations

While playing Warhammer: Vermintide 2, getting new loot is one of the most important parts since it allows you to improve your heroes and make them more potent in battle.

And the best way to increase the amount of loot is to find things like Tomes. These Tomes will give you more experience, extra points as well as the loot boxes.

Since they are hidden in each mission, we will guide you on how to find all Vermintide 2 Tome locations.

So, if you are willing to join, let’s start!

Vermintide 2 Tome locations in every mission

As stated above, Tomes are unique collectible items. And they are crucial to enhance the amount of loot that you’re getting along the way.

However, you have to pay attention to some points before looking for them.

Tomes undertake the healing item slot. That means you need to drop your healing item to pick it up. Indeed, you can perform with ease. And this makes the Tomes go down the ground so that you can pick them back up after availing the healing item.

And now, let’s find out ways to get all Tomes in this game!

Righteous Stand

Since this mission is the first beginning of ACT 1, finding the Tomes here is rather simple. It’s okay to take some trials and errors to find the right way. Although you will face up to some damages, it will be useful for the next missions.

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1st Tome

After reaching the Franz Erikson Platz area, you need to keep working until finding a slope of boards that permits you to pass over a cart.

Try not to head over the ramp. Instead, turn to the left side when looking at it and check for wooden cart near the gate. Then start heading to the back of the cart, hop up into it and lower your eyes in one of the opening crates to get the first Tome.

2nd Tome

Continue reaching another short area of the wall and cross it to see a big gate-house in front of you and a drop down into the new place.

Start heading into the gate-house, guys!And then turn to the left side and go up to the stairs.

When seeing the top of the stairs, turn to the right side and go to the back of the room, where you can find a wooden platform. From there, look down to see a small landing and get the second Tome.

3rd Tome

Uncovering the ruins inside the forest is one of the most dangerous Vermintide 2 Tome locations in this first mission.

But it isn’t impossible.

You need to search for a small ramp that leads to a drop off at first. Then move to the edge and go down. When you’re below, continue moving forward and use the rocks to jump up to a small area.

Right now, you will catch a small wooden board expanded across two rocks. Look inside and get the third Tome. After that, drop back down to continue.

Convocation of Decay

Although Convocation of Decay is a bit horrifying than the Righteous Stand, this mission requires less work.

Follow us to learn how to acquire all three Tomes.

  • The first one can be discovered after entering the Temple Hospice. Make sure you search for it on top of one of the bunks. Although it sounds easy, you can miss it if doing carelessly.
  • The second one can be seen inside the Garrison Sewers. As reaching a break off in the tunnels, you need to turn to the left side and catch the Tome that is close a wooden wall.
  • The third one can be explored inside Carlomant’sMemorium. Try to seek the Tome on a tomb behind the shrine.

Hunger in the Dark

vermintide 2 tome locations 3

The first Tome can be seen inside the Backfill. You need to move to the back corner of the area and search for it on the ground near potion spawns.

To get the second Tome, you need to be in a cart and move towards the Transfer. Then look for it inside a crate to the right side of the road.

The last Tome is discovered inside the Old Troll Grounds. Here you need to find a short jumping puzzle in one of the huge caverns. And then look around until catching the Tome on a ridge in the middle of the room.


1st Tome

Before leaving the doors close the end of Von MackensenStrasses, you have to look to the left side. Then find a crate with a hole behind it in the wall and start crawling through to get the Tome in a small room.

2nd Tome

The next one is near the Merchant District.

Find a small boat that you can hop on and then climb up a ladder to find a way towards the district. Then turn left and keep moving until reaching another boat on the side of a house.

The second Tome is here.

3rd Tome

After the landslip, be quick to run to the top floor of the buildings and search for the remaining one inside the tower. It might be on one of the bookshelves at the top of the tower.


AthelYenlui is the first mission in ACT 2, and it includes some tricky puzzles if you want to get all the Tomes here.

So, let’s guide you on how to find Vermintide 2 Tome locations!

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1st Tome

After visiting the Wilds and acquiring the objective to “Proceed Through the Wilds,” you will catch a popping notification.Then turn to the right side and follow it until seeing a pillar and a fallen tree. Move tothat tree and turn to the right to find a wooden crate.

The first Tome is here.

2nd Tome

Continue moving along the wall on the right side until catching a small rock. Then move to the right side a bit and turn to the left side to see another wooden crate.

The second Tome is here.

3rd Tome

Finding the final one in this mission is similar to what you’ve done in the Righteous Stand. Look for a small ramp, use the rocks to jump up to a small area and then grab it across two rocks.

Screaming Bell

1st Tome

The first Tome is outside of a building in Screaming Bell. But you need to move through it and find a window on the first floor to determine where the Tome is.

Then go upstairs to the top floor of the building and go out onto the balcony. Continue turning to the left at the end of the balcony and go down to a platform. Next, move across the front of the building to catch the Tome.

2nd Tome

Once visiting Spucknapf Market, try to proceed under the bridge and stick to the left side until finding a ladder in the corner of the road. Climb up the ladder until reaching the beginning of a small jumping puzzle.

Then jump alongside the bridge to the other side and be quick to find the next tome inside a crate.

3rd Tome

After coming to Von Bisschenbesser Strasse, you should turn right and search for an archway between two buildings. Then move through it and go along the edge of the area until seeing another small archway that you can jump in.

The final Tome is here.

Fort Brachsenbrucke

Fort Brachsenbrucke is the most difficult mission for tome-gathering because roads here tend to change every time you play.

But, if you’re here, we will show you how to do.

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1st Tome

Depending on the road the map leads you on, you can catch the first Tome in two different areas.

If the road leads you up onto the bridge, you can grab the Tome inside the creek alongside a half-sunken wagon close the beginning of the map.

How about the second location?

We DID not discover it yet. However, we will update if finding any info about it.

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2nd Tome

Once reaching Eilhart Road, you need to move to the end of the old bridge. Make sure to turn completely around to start a jumping puzzle and jump across a wagon convoy. Continue doing until catching a small outcropping with the second Tome on it.

3rd Tome

Similar to the first one, you can recognize different ways to get the final one.

  • If Barsch Ford leads you straight through, you will come to Eile South Bank. Then stick to the left and move until the road curves to the right side, leaning a short jumping puzzle. Continue to follow it until grabbing the Tome.
  • In case of Barsch Ford leads you to the right side, you will visit Eile Headland. Here you need to search for a torch close the rocks. Then continue moving until finding another road that leads you clockwise up another group of rocks. Remember to follow the jumping path to see the Tome at the top.

Into the Nest

As compared to other missions in ACT 2, collecting all the Tomes in Into the Nest is simple and straightforward.

  • The first one will be seen in Gorog Drin. Look to the right side and notice a break in the stone railing (you can find a potion here). Then drop over the right and move up the road to get the Tome alongside a big pillar in the ravine.
  • Continue walking through until catching a lever and then pull it to open a bridge. Go down behind the lever and follow the road around to get the second Tome inside a broken crate.
  • The remaining one will be seen after visiting KronKhaz. You need to search for a mine cart at the end of the track – close some rubble – and look inside to get the Tome.

Against the Grain

Against the Grain is the first mission in ACT 3, and finding Vermintide 2 Tome locations here is easy as well.

1st Tome

After coming to the Mill, you need to turn left and jump onto the top of a wagon with the hay bales inside. From there, continue jumping over to the fence and move along it towards the Mill. Then jump across the wooden platform and search for the Tome on the left side.

2nd Tome

After fighting the Rat Ogre outside the ban, please head inside and take the ladder to get to the second floor. Then drop onto the area with the second ladder and cross it.

Continue to move forward until catching the wall, turn to the right side, and jump toward the window. Try not to fall down, please.From the window, jump to another small platform and turn to the right to grab the Tome.

3rd Tome

After having the second one, continue running until you see the swampy place. Come here, turn left and keep walkingtilluncovering a small bit rocks in the wall. Then turn left and jump into the water.

Don’t worry because it’s not too deep.

When you’re in the water, continue to go until you are behind the fallen trees near the rocks. Here you catch a wooden crate under the surface of the water and find the last Tome inside.

A fantastic NOTE for this mission is that you will get extra rewards after having enough Tomes. Try to complete well and see what happens!

Empire in Flames

The first Tome can be uncovered after making a road via the first burned down house in the city. Go down from the first floor and move to the right side to find another ruined building at the end. Then jump down on a low wall and grab the Tome onto the floorboards.

Once exiting the room with wine boxes, you need to reach a long corridor and past the door nearby. Then look to the right side to catch a hole with a skeleton. The second Tome is here.

When finding a way to escape, you have to move up the last standing building and find a wall on the left side. Jump around the wall to catch another room that leads you to a small hole. Here you will grab the last Tome behind a desk.

Festering Grounds

The first Tome can be seen after the caves. When reaching a bridge, try to look to the right and climb up the ladder to see a road that guides you to the other side. Then jump over a small gap to come to a corner with fire and catch the first Tome here.

Once visiting Buckhorn Gorge, move along the road outside until it twists around. You will be brought to the end of the upper level and capture the second Tome in an overturned crate.

The last one will be on the upper floor of the Forsaken Chapel. Make sure you finish a short jump to get over to it.

The War Camp

Since The War Camp is the new addition in Vermintide 2, collecting the Tomes here is extremely easy.

The first one is on the top of a shelf inside an old building at Old Andreas’ Den. Just find a torch outside the building, then move inside and grab the Tome.

When reaching the end of the Froschdorf swamp, you need to search for the second to the last houses on the left side. Make sure you check carefully to explore the next Tome.

The last one will be seen after reaching the Zuhause Gully. From the swamp, stick to the right side and then catch it on a signpost.


The only mission in ACT 4 is something wonderful, especially when you collect the Tomes here.

The first one will be discovered below a building where you find a lift. Go around the building until you can enter and catch the Tome in the rubble.

Continue making your way until coming to the end of the cave, just before visiting the Bay of Fins. From there, take the upper road on the left and jump across the rocks to get the next one.

After defeating the first boss in this mission, you will find the remaining Tome in the Rotblood War Camp. Move along the road up the hill and turn around 1800 to catch a broken-down building. Then move up to the hill to see a wooden wall and find a gap in it. Jump over some crates in front of the gap and walk toward the right to take the remaining Tome in a chest.

In conclusion

That’s all Vermintide 2 Tome locations that you can find in all the missionsof the game. As long as you follow us from the beginning to end, you’re guaranteed to possess all the Tomes to receive excellent rewards.

It’s time to play, guys!

And remember to wait for our upcoming posts about Warhammer: Vermintide 2 so that you can update more helpful info to perform this game better.

Once again, thanks for reading!