Super Smash Flash 2 Controls

Hello there!

Since you’re here, we are sure you’re looking for a detailed guide of Super Smash Flash 2 controls. But first, do you know anything about Super Smash Flash 2?

Following the success of Super Smash Flash closely, this cool game was developed by McLeodGaming in 2007. And it promises to bring the best experience that you never get in the original game.


Actually, Super Smash Flash 2 is anexciting mashup fighting game that has lots of famous characters such as Mario, Naruto, Goku, Sonic, Link, Kirby and so on. You are free to pick up any hero to join a battleand cope with an opponent. Additionally, you can ask your friend to play together in order to make the fight more exciting.

And now, it’s time to learn how to play this game.

Super Smash Flash 2 controls

Basic controls

  Player 1


Player 2
Move WASD The arrow keys
Grab U Numpad 5
Shield I Numpad 1
Taunt 1 Numpad 4
Attack 1 P Numpad 2
Attack 2 O Numpad 3

Besides, this game also offers two more players including Player 3 and 4. Interestingly, you’re free to set any key to activate. So, please consider carefully and arrange ideally to play well.

Advanced controls

Of course, you can enjoy Super Smash Flash 2 after determining which keys to play. But, if you want to carry out more actions to knock out your opponent soon, you need to consult some below. Note that these actions are used when you’re on the ground.

  • Double tap to A & D keys to dash (depending on different players, you need to use the proper keys).
  • There are two distinct Jump buttons in Options that you need to set up in order to jump in midair and perform a double jump.
  • When you’re aerial, just tap D to fall faster. But, make sure to avail it with the extreme caution.
  • Hit P three times to send the triple attack.
  • In case you want to forward tilt, please tap A or D and P. To perform an up tilt, combine W and P. To carry out a down tilt, just click both S and P.
  • Press P when running to send a Dash Attack.

Next is some attacks that are usable while you’re airborne.

  • To perform a neutral air, just press P.
  • To achieve a forward air, combine D and P.
  • To deliver a back air, mix A and P.
  • To perform an up air, connect W and P.
  • To complete a down air, combine S and P.

Is there anything else? Well,

  • Aside from hitting I to shield yourself, you can use both I and S to do a sidestep dodge.
  • Or combine I and A to dodge roll to the left or tap on both I and D to dodge roll to the right.
  • While you’re aerial, tapping I will help to send an air dodge.
  • Combining U and P keys helps you grab and pummel the opponent.
  • Or press both U and WASD keys to throw your opponent in any direction.
  • Especially, when combining O and WASD keys, you can unleash powerful special moves.


That’s all for Super Smash Flash 2 controls, guys.

What you need to do now is to reread and try to memorize as much information as possible so that you can perform well. Don’t hesitate anymore! Let’s start now!