Happy Room Hacked

I know Happy Room is a great playground to relieve stress after hours of studying and working. But, I also know that no one can spend more than 30 minutes on enjoying it. Why?

It’s because this game only gives you a limited amount of money and items at first. And gamers need to play again and again to increase them.

So, what you should do now is to turn your attention into Happy Room Hacked instantly. Is it indeed attractive to enjoy? Can you play all the time without feeling bored like the non-hacked version?

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Introduction of Happy Room Hacked

In Happy Room Hacked, you also own a modern laboratory as Happy Room. Of course, you will get an endless number of clones in order to test weapons.

As you know, the main objective in this game is to maximize damage on the clone by combining and arranging the weapons ideally. And the only key to carry out is to the mouse.

You can discover a variety of weapons such as machine guns, flamethrowers, explosives, spikes, missiles, and so on. Choose anything you want and then place anywhere in the laboratory. After that, click on a pushing button so that the clone will jump down to test the weapons.

For instance, if the clone touches the explosive, a blast will happen and make it fly surrounding the lab. The longer the weapons impact the clone, the more damage it receives. Relying on that, a damage bar at the top will be fulfilled lots of energy to unlock more and more weapons.

Since all the weapons need tobe bought with cash, you have to earn as much as possible.

However, when playing Happy Room Hacked, you will receive an infinite amount of money and necessary items. That means you can buy lots of weapons and place them anywhere you want. Hence, starting this game at the beginning will be more comfortable.

What attracted me?

As outlined above, having an endless number of weapons as well as a lot of money right after entering Happy Room Hacked makes me excited. What I should do is to buy and arrange as many weapons as I could. By doing that, I will send more damage to the clone.

But, instead of putting the weapons irrationally, you need to work out carefully before placing anything on the ground or walls. In my opinion, it’s best to layexplosives on the ground and spikes on the wall for some first tests so that the clone can touch them and then “boom.”

And when you can unlock more advanced weapons, try to take advantage of them to make the clone receive more and more damage. Of course, the extra blood and slow motion will help you relieve much stress for sure.


If you used to play Happy Room, there is no reason you say NO to Happy Room Hacked. It’s certain that you don’t feel bored anymore since it’s extremely fantastic to play all the time.

How wonderful it is!

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