Games Like Happy Room

You prefer to play Happy Room since this cool game is too fantastic and challenging to discover. And you almost spend all your free time on overcoming levels from easy to hard.

So, if we show you a list of games like Happy Room, are you ready to find them out? As a fan of Happy Room, you certainly say NO, right?

Don’t waste time or hesitate anymore! Down here now, all game enthusiasts!

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Check our suggestions for games like Happy Room

Kick the Buddy: Second Kick

One of the first games like Happy Room that we want to introduce is Kick the Buddy: Second Kick.

It’s a single-player, puzzle, and action video game for both iOS and Android platforms. The most exciting thing is that you will get more chances to enhance your mood and relieve stress while playing.

Indeed, this game allows you to control a character to kick, burn, hit, blow up, burn, etc. via using some items beginning from golf clubs to a nuclear bomb. Aside from attacking the others, you need to help your character to complete other requests to gain different rewards and achievements.

The longer you play, the newer updates you see. And don’t miss discovering your character’s reactions since all make you laugh out loud.

Office Jerk Free

Developed by Fluik for both platforms as above, Office Jerk Free is an enjoyable single-player, action, and casual video game that can bring you similar feelings like playing Happy Room.

This game is playful yet violent since your main task is to annoy, attack and anger an office worker. You can use a variety of items, weapons, and equipment to torture the worker’s desk environment. Of course, it’s mainly for entertainment aims only and not something to compete with the others.

Paint the Town Red

It can be said that the idea behind Paint the Town Red is uncomplicated.

You start a fight by kicking, punching, stabbing or throwing each other and try to become the last one standing. Besides, you can take any items available to make them as weapons to attack. As a plus, when fighting against each other, you need to create a bloody scene like you’re painting your fighting place in red (means blood).

Another great thing that Paint the Town Red boasts is all about the voxel-based graphics. The UI is also clear and offers enough information that you need and makes it easy to observe.

All in all, if you’re looking for a chaotic first-person melee combat game, don’t miss it.

Beat the Boss 4

A gaming company of Game Hive Corporation has done successfully 4 versions of Beat the Boss available in both iOS and Android platforms at the moment.

As its name implies, the main aim of this cool game is rather straightforward and revealing. You are asked to do everything to complete missions in each stage successfully. With 30 interactive stages, 10 maps, more than 130 weapons, and 180 bosses in Beat the Boss 4, don’t miss anything in order to enjoy more and more exciting things.

Realms of Magic

Amongst games like Happy Room, you shouldn’t miss Realms of Magic, a very stunning 2D sandbox RPG set in a traditional fantasy setting.

Let’s begin to create a character from 1 of 10 races with some customization options. Then choose either the tutorial or one of the game’s sandbox places and perform what you need to do like chopping down trees, creating items, etc. In case you need extra help, try to use a “guidebook”.

You and your character will discover the world, finish requested quests, and crawl through dangerous dungeons to receive talent points and use them to invest in various skills.

Grumpy Bears

Grumpy Bears is another single-player and casual video game developed by Fluik.

Its major objective is rather simple and easy to understand. Bears will run after you since they want to take your barrels of honey. Of course, you must not be caught, or everything will be over instantly. Aside from running away, don’t forget to use your earned coins from leveling up, finishing missions or getting a high score to buy some necessary weapons and then attack the bears.

Although Grumpy Bears doesn’t give something challenging, it’s enough to keep you busy all the time. Especially, this game is free so you don’t need to pay any fee to download. Besides, it’s available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Sniper Shooter

The last name that we want to introduce is Sniper Shooter, a fascinating single-player, shooter and action video game developed by Fun Games for Free.

This game provides its charm from various factors such as different forms of challenges, intuitive interface, a variety of missions, and so on. The longer you play, the more problems will come. And you need to try your best to guide your character to finish each stage’s mission to unlock the new ones as well as some stunning items.

In sum

With 7 games like Happy Room above, all are amazing to experience all day without feeling bored. As a game addict, you should not miss any game for sure.

Now, it’s time to discover each and share your ideas with us. We’re burning to know your thoughts.