Best Action Games for Android

When it comes to the best action games for Android, we’re sure that you won’t say NO. It’s because this popular type of game knows how to test players’ reflexes and wits. Moreover, it offers a range of actions game out there like adventure games, shooters, platforms, fighting games, and so on.

But, with hundreds of action games on the Google Play Store, how can you know which the best one is? That’s why we’re here to show you top 8 names that make your investment worthy.

No time for waiting! Here we go!

8 best action games for Android

Into the Dead 2

If your main task in the original game is to survive as long as possible. In the second version, you will experience lots of new updates. That includes entirely action-packed chapters, multiple stages, and dozens of challenges.

The request of Into the Dead 2 is to kill all the zombies in every stage. Besides, you need to upgrade current weapons as well as collecting new ones. What’s more, keep in mind to take advantage of new skills to fight against the zombies effectively.

Critical Ops

As one of the first-person shooter games, Critical Ops has made it one of the best action games for Android in 2018. It brings a standard yet new premise where you can role-play as a counter-terrorism unit or terrorist. Moreover, it’s one of the better online multi-players for a shooter game on mobile platforms.

With three stunning game modes including Gun Game, Defuse, and Team Death Match, you will experience a significant anti-terrorist operation, fight for domination, express your skills, join competitive combats, etc. And don’t forget to unlock regular updates, features or game modes to make your playtime interesting.

Asphalt Xtreme

An awesome racing game of Asphalt Xtreme from Gameloft will blow your mind right after entering the main screen.

It’s described as an off-road racing game where you will race against other competitors. With 5 game modes, 36 vehicles, more than 400 races and 500 challenges, you will get everything to test your racing skill. Furthermore, this game offers an online multiplayer where you might race up against over eight competitors.

If you’re the one who likes to break the rules and think outside the box, Asphalt Xtreme is what you’re looking. Don’t mind downloading now since it’s FREE.

Zombie Gunship Survival

Zombie Gunship Survival is an action-shooter game that includes tower defense elements. And it’s the second installment in the #1 Zombie Gunship franchise.

Your task is to save people and survive a zombie apocalypse by sitting in a gunship and shooting down all the zombies. Try to engage in strategic operations and guide groups of military survivors.

Since this game boasts a range of realistic weapons, appropriate graphics, fantastic mechanics, and so on, make sure you can find more and more to build your defense and attack the zombies effectively.

Although Zombie Gunship Survival is free, some items need to be bought with real money. Of course, you can refuse to use them by disabling in-app purchases when downloading.

Sniper Vs Thieves

One of the best action games for Android that you shouldn’t miss is Sniper Vs Thieves.

In this game, you’re free to choose any character you like as a thief or sniper. If you want to become a thief, your objective is to steal the money and turn back to the bus safely. In case you are playing as a sniper, make sure to knock down all the thieves.

The certain thing is that Sniper Vs Thieves has dozens of weapons, events, loots, and modes so that you can experience what an action game is. And don’t forget to customize your character and take advantage of available items to gain the best result.

Super Phantom Cat

If you prefer to enjoy a mixture of old and new in the action platformer, Super Phantom Cat is your best choice at this time.

Actually, all of the themes, little tricks, and obstacles are what you might have seen before. This game comes with decent controls, retro graphics, and thousands of things to do.

Interestingly, it introduces a story with some goofy situations. Aside from finishing requested challenges, don’t forget to accomplish some bonus levels since all are excellent to try.


Created by Pixelbite, the Space Marshals’ creator, Xenowerk is described as a third-person shooter game that plays similarly to Contra games.

Your primary objective is to go from level to level in order to eliminate all the bad guys and avoid dangerous obstacles at the same time. With 70 levels, you will experience from easy to super-hard. Additionally, this game features a massive range of weapons, gears, and special powers so that you can collect and upgrade them to cope with cruel opponents.


At first sight, Swordigo looks like a standard action game in its platform.

The big goal is to discover a world covered with treasures, towns, dungeons, and monsters. Of course, it highlights lots of awesome things such as swords, magic, gears, and so on. Moreover, its touch controls are easy to control and customize.

Since this game is rather simple regarding gameplay and execution, it quickly attracts gamers to download and play without feeling bored.

In conclusion

After reading all of 8 best action games for Android, which one will be your next pick?

Obviously, all are fun because we have tried to filter from hundreds of games on Google Play.So, if your smartphone’s capacity is still more, try to download some and start playing.

And don’t forget to share the best one you like with us. Be happy to see your comments below!